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Policies of use
Accessing the pages in (developed and maintained by smoDATOS) is free. Most of the pages are publicly accessible. Some areas may require extended user rights (eg user registration) for access. reserves the right to exclude users from accessing and posting contributions without giving a reason.
Privacy: information regarding protection of private data (developed and maintained by smoDATOS) uses cookies for the navigation of registered users in protected areas and for the collection of metric data. To be able to visit public pages on does not depend on the general consent/rejection of cookies in the browser settings.
Some affiliate advertisers (like for example Google), some data and map providers (like Google, Microsoft, etc.) may have tendencies to store third-party cookies in browsers, in order to be able to pursue users even in sites they don't own. tries to separate elements that may want to use third-party cookies from it's own content and put them in special containers, however strongly recommends disabling third-party cookies in the browser settings.
Possession and Intellectual Property
The website (accessible on the Internet under, all subpages, programs, applications, forms and their processings, the databases of and common used databases (smoDATOS), the processing of imágenes client and server side (smoPAINT) are exclusive and intellectual property of eMu.qu sSmmbyorldiicinmedry,p xAhrhcgxebngktfiypneiax, yCgUagIrTg tt2q3hu-ea9b4w2n7fs8b5ly7a3h-x9 (gwsejjbm@mdktejpejouisftlar.vdnpeagt).
Public contributions of text and multimedia/images
Only registered users can create public text contributions, in order to publish multimedia content and images, an extended registration is required, which, in addition to additional registration data, also requires an affidavit to refrain from publishing content protected by copyright and the advance declaration of taking over responsibility for any publication of copyrighted content. will provide at any time to official investigating authorities information about the personal data that is stored when uploading/publishing multimedia content protected by copyright.
Content and images based on third-party provider data
smodatos uses free data and images provided by external providers on the one hand in order to offer users of its pages a better service and on the other hand in order to disseminate the web pages of these external providers themselves.
The data and images provided by external providers and selected and collected by smoDATOS are processed, manually and/or programmatically prepared and adapted to the appearance of by smoDATOS.
All images or data based on data provided by an external provider are linked to the provider's website, which forwards users to his own website. and smoDATOS are not responsible for data provided by external providers and always recommend checking the original content on the provider's website.
Likewise and smoDATOS are not responsible for the content of linked pages.
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